Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kinzua Bridge

When I was a kid my family would drive to Kinzua Bridge. It was always lots of fun. We would walk across the bridge and I admit I was always afraid I would fall through! It's a massive railroad bridge so there were gaps! That can be frightening to a small child!

After walking across the bridge we would stop for ice cream on the way home. I have no idea where it was that we stopped but the cones were absolutely HUGE. Seriously... like a foot tall. Good memories!

Yesterday while visiting with Melinda I realized we were only a few miles from the bridge so we headed up to check it out again.

A few years ago a tornado destroyed the bridge so not many people stop by to check it out anymore... unless they are curious like me and want to see the damage. I've been there one other time since the tornado... but the piles of twisted metal still have the same effect... just makes me need to stare it and not believe that the bridge is gone. It's always kind of sad to think that I will never be able to take my kids across the big train bridge.

No one else was around so we decided to ignore the "danger keep out" sign and be a little dangerous. It wasn't really dangerous or very bold but it made us feel adventurous because we were doing something we weren't supposed to... even though no one else was around to catch us. I know... we are SO. BAD.

So yay for fun times with Melinda and a trip down memory lane. We tried to find the other side of the bridge and I think we were close... but we were running out of time so I guess we will just have to continue our adventure the next time and find that other side!

And of course I just have to share this cool picture.... on our way to the bridge I looked up and there was a heart in the clouds. Melinda, being a friend that loves taking pictures as much as I do seemed to immediately understand when I pointed it out that we just HAD to stop to take a picture. I like people that get it like that. :)

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