Saturday, July 11, 2009

Made. My. Day!

Not too long ago I was just browsing blogs and I found Jenny. I loved all the photos she posts and I believe that if you want to become better at something then you should hang out with people that are already better at it than you are.... so I started hanging out at her blog. She wrote a blog telling her readers to ask her anything and she would answer the questions in another post in a few days. I asked her why her pictures look so much better than mine haha. Really I did. But more specifically I asked if she did much editing because all my photos seemed so dark compared to hers. She answered my question HERE with examples of photos before and after editing.

I was inspired.

So I decided to go back to some of my photos and just mess around and see what I could come up with. I had a lot of fun editing the engagement pictures I took for my sister-in-law and I thought they looked soooo much better than the first round of edits that I did. Actually I thought they looked so much better that I ordered a few 5x7s for her. Her shower was today and I thought I would make them part of her gift.

WELL... since I didn't have a lot of time I just sent the order in at for one hour pick up. When I went to pick them up they started questioning me about who took the photos and all that. I convinced them that I did actually take the photos myself and they apologized and said they had to ask because they looked professional and had to check about copyright and all that!!!

Yeah!!! As someone who is exploring photography I have to say that that is by far the best compliment I have ever received and it was a great confidence booster.

Here are some of the pictures. The first is the original straight out of the camera and the second is after editing. This was my first engagement shoot and I had so much fun doing it. I hope to get the opportunity to do engagement pictures for another couple some time.

(I knew this one would be cropped when I took it... that's just all the zoom my camera would give me.)

So the lesson I learned was that a little bit of editing (and I do mean only a little bit... I hardly spent any time on it at all!) can go a looong way.

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