Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh crappy day!

Let me just tell you all the things that have already gone wrong in my day... it's almost humorous... almost.

1. Liza pooped in her underwear.
2. I threw up before I even got around to finishing my breakfast.
3. Throwing up has left me with no appetite... but I'm hungry.
4. Jason threw his plate on the floor during lunch... twice. He never does that. After the second time I put him on the floor and let him eat off the floor.
5. My dishwasher broke and I have a sink full of dishes because I decided to get dinner ready during lunch.
6. Last night we cleaned out the fridge because today is garbage day... so I have all those dishes as well.
7. Jason is teething which makes him SUPER fussy. He has been crying soooo easily today and just wants to be held. But when you puke in the morning you kind of just want someone to hold you. It's all backwards.
8. I burned the granola. Grr.
9. Mike called at lunchtime and said he probably won't be home until after dinner. Ugh.

And it's only 1:15!

I always like to find the bright side to things so here goes....

At least Liza hasn't peed in her underwear since yesterday during her nap. The fridge is cleaned out... kind of. If I have no appetite and don't eat that can count as the calories burned during my workout which I missed today. I rent so I don't have to pay to fix the dishwasher. (If I did have to pay I would be at the store buying one right now.) My dishwasher is right beside the sink so I can use it as a drying rack since I don't have one. And lastly... at least my husband will come home tonight.

I guess I should get to doing those dishes.

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