Monday, July 27, 2009

Potty Progress!

I know that I have said a few times now that I think Liza just might have it down and then it was obvious that she didn't... BUT... I really think she's got it this time. I think we are FINALLY in that home stretch.

She has not had an accident since Friday and she is going on her own... all the time! I rarely have to remind her anymore.

Aannnnnd... for those of you who have gone before in the dreadful stage of potty training you will understand how great this is... she is pooping in the potty and not in her underwear!!! (I know... just the information you want to know!)

I was sooo tired of the accidents and cleaning up. I was so frustrated. On Friday morning I was about ready to go to the gym and I went to tell Liza it was time to go pee so we could leave. I am pretty sure she peed her pants about two seconds before that. I was so frustrated because it took about an hour to convince myself to go to the gym and having to clean up after her would just make me rushed and late. So I told her she had to sit in her bed while I cleaned up and that I was putting all her big girl panties away because she couldn't keep them dry and clean... and then I had her watch me put them all away in her closet.

She was a little upset and kept asking for panties or a diaper because I was making her go bare bummed. (I tried that before and she peed all over the kitchen chair without a care so I was kind of nervous to try it again.) It worked. She hasn't had an accident since. And you would be amazed at the number of times she has pooped in the past few days. It's getting ridiculous.

You want to know what worked to get her to poop? I'll tell you... Whenever I come home from Panera Bread I always have a cup of iced tea because it's only smart to fill up your cup before you leave when there are free refills. Liza loves getting a drink of mommy's tea. So one night I got home with some tea and she saw it and I took a drink and told her how good it was and then I told her she doesn't get any until she poops on the potty. (I know... mean Mommy!) The next morning she did it and was sooo excited to get some tea! Go figure... Iced tea (not even sweet!) and marshmallows.

Anyways... it's really good that we seem to have got this far with it because on the weekend my wonderful parents are keeping the kids for us Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!! Michael and I are sooo looking forward to the break and are having fun exploring all the ideas of things that we will get to do.

Hooray for potty progress!!

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