Thursday, July 16, 2009

Potty TrainED??

We have made GREAT progress with the potty training! Liza is doing so well!! And it's so crazy that my little baby girl is running around in big girl panties! I can't believe it some days.

I have to admit that potty training has got to be one of my least favorite parts of parenting. Probably even worse than having to get up a few times a night with a newborn. It was so frustrating because I knew that Liza could do it... it was just a matter of finding the right motivator to get her to do it. We went through all kinds of "special snacks"... M&Ms, gummy bears, raisins, etc. Nothing worked for much more than half a day... then she would lose interest.

What did we find that finally worked? Presents. Yeah. Liza was expensive during this potty training. I raided the dollar stores and the dollar isles at Target and any other place I could get to. I wrapped them up and put them in a bag. The first day Liza got a present every time she peed. She was going A LOT. She wanted those presents. After that we started to spread it out and she had to fill so many boxes with stickers before she got presents.

All through this we used the advice from On Becoming Potty Wise (From the authors of Baby Wise which is the BEST baby book EVER!). They say to focus on staying dry and clean and so we did. Liza likes to tell me know that she keeps her big girl panties dry and clean. Except she doesn't always keep them clean. Actually... getting her to poop in the potty has been a problem... but I think we are starting to see some progress there too. I hope!!

I've been missing our morning routine of getting up and going to the gym during this potty training time. I decided that Liza was doing good enough and it was time to get back. So today we went... and Liza did AWESOME! They said she peed twice while there. (Only an hour and a half.) I doubt she really had to go and was probably just more fascinated with their real potty that was kid sized. Anyways... the ladies that watch the kids at the gym are GREAT! They are sooo helpful with the potty training and I am really comfortable after today with taking Liza back. She is well taken care of and they will make sure she gets to the potty if she hasn't told them she had to go for a while.

I still feel that it is kind of risky to take her out... but honestly... she hasn't peed in her pants for three days now. I think it's time for me to get over my fears and convince myself that if Liza pees her pants at the store or a friends house that it won't be the end of the world. Life WILL go on.

Go Liza!!

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