Monday, July 6, 2009

Potty training Liza

On Friday I began potty training Liza. I kind of only half did it on Friday because Mike ended up going to work and then coming back home around 9:00... I needed to use the day to get some stuff done but had already started with Liza so I asked Mike to kind of keep it going a little. He did wonderful.

On Saturday we got serious. I used the advice that I read in On Becoming Potty Wise by Gary Ezzo. They suggest that you use a doll/stuffed animal and go through the process with it to teach your child what to do. Liza loved having her bear wear big girl panties and use the potty.

After that she wanted to go plenty. Throughout the day I had to prompt her a bit but by the end of the day she was telling us when she had to go. We still had her in pullups because I didn't want to have to clean up messes on the carpet or furniture.

Potty Wise also said to make the goal "staying dry" with using the potty being the means to achieve that. So randomly throughout the day we ask Liza "are you still dry" and if she is she gets stickers or raisins. If she uses the potty to stay dry she gets a lollipop... which she calls an "onnipop".

Sunday I decided to put her in her "big girl panties" (which she calls pantsies) and we played outside all day because once again I didn't want to have to clean the carpet or furniture. She did good until about lunch time and then we had some accidents... which is ok because I wanted her to experience it and know it wasn't fun and that she would NOT get a lollipop if she wasn't dry. I think she was getting it because for the rest of the day she didn't have any more accidents. Even after I had put her to bed I heard her say "I want an onnipop" so I checked on her. I told her no more lollipops till morning but she went and peed anyways. We even had a poop on the potty! And to those of you that have potty trained before you know how big of a deal that is!

So here is hoping that today continues to go well with the potty training. I've got my fingers crossed. Either way we aren't stopping. She will be three in September... it's time to get out of those diapers.

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