Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sometimes life hurts.

People. Blah.

I have had so many ups and downs this past year. I'm kind of tired of the roller coaster. Sometimes I think it would be wonderful to move away and start all over. But that wouldn't really fix things and life would still happen in the new place. But isn't Tennessee a beautiful state!? I've wanted to live there for years. I can dream I guess. Dream that the people might be nicer. That they might care more. That they wouldn't be so junior high. (Maybe people think those things about me!? Yikes. I am sure some do... well obviously some do. grr.)

It's hard to know that people I used to hang out with that no longer want me around... are still doing things with everyone else. With friends I introduced them to. Things I would have loved to do too. Things I SHOULD be invited to. I hate feeling left out.

Today is a holiday. Everyone is talking picnics and parties. Me? I'm at home potty training my toddler while my husband is working. I have no idea what time he will be home. I have no plans. No one called me to do anything this weekend. (Because they are all getting together without me.) And the family that we do have in the area is out of town. Not the best holiday for me.

I'm sorry to be a downer on your day. I don't mean to. I hope that YOU have an awesome day filled with your family and friends. I'm not bitter like that. :) And I DO have some good friends as I always have to remind myself. They just work or are out of town today too. I'm just having a little pity party for myself and I will feel better after I share it with all of you who read this.

And hopefully at the end of my day I can say it was productive and Liza is wearing big girl panties. Fingers crossed! We are off to a great start today.

And just maybe I should delete my facebook account because it is too over connected and too easy to see where you are left out. Seriously... it's been torture for me lately... but so many of my great friends are out of towners and it's how we keep in touch. Can't win today haha.

Happy 4th of July and make sure that you let your friends know that you appreciate them! Before it's too late. And if something little is bothering you... just talk to them about it and work it out. It will be worth it. If you let it build inside you it will probably be too late by the time you finally decide to talk about it and the friendship will be ruined.

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