Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Temptation at it's best.

There was a chocolate fountain at my sister-in-law's bridal shower!!! Normally I would have thought that this was the most amazing thing EVER but since I am not eating sugar and I LOOOVE chocolate it was kind of torture. Thankfully I knew they were having one before I went so I was able to get used to the idea... and I didn't have ANY! But I'm tellin ya... they had strawberries and pretzels for dipping and those are the two best things to have with chocolate. I could eat a ton of either.... or both!

I think this past week was the hardest as far as sugar goes. I'm not gonna lie... I've been wanting it. I am a comfort eater and when I am stressed I convince myself that I deserve to eat like a pig and my favorite way to do it is with ice cream or donuts or chocolate. And I have been STRESSED!! This whole potty training thing is getting to me... but I think it is starting to go better. Anyways... I've been bribing Liza with M&Ms so they are IN THE HOUSE! Not good for when I am stressed. But I've been keeping away from them.

The hardest part with the M&Ms.... say I want to give Liza five but I accidentally grab seven. The most natural thing to do is to just eat the extra two. I've caught myself with my hand on my way to my mouth quite a few times and it felt so unnatural to make myself put them back in the bag.... but I do it every time. Ooooh... and I even had a dream about the M&Ms! This was the dream....

I was hanging out and someone pointed at me and said "Laura! You are eating M&Ms!! That's sugar!" And I started to say "No I'm not" but that was when I realized that I was indeed chewing a big mouthful of M&Ms and had the bag in my hand and hadn't even realized what I was doing. And of course I got super bummed because I was going to have to send my sister a lot of money because it was a lot of M&Ms.

I think this all just goes to show how much of a habit bad eating had become for me! Yikes! I'm serious... it really feels unnatural to say no. But it is continuing to get easier and easier. And I think it is probably a good sign that I am starting to crave good, sweet fruit more than I want sugar and junk.

Still working on it.

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