Monday, July 13, 2009

Visiting with friends.

On Saturday we were invited to have a cookout with our friends. Steph and I were college room mates.... and Mike and her husband were college room mates. :) Mike and I played a role in introducing Matt and Stephanie and it is kind of fun that we still hang out.

Our friends have two beautiful little girls that were so much fun to take pictures of. I always enjoy photographing other people's kids because mine refuse to sit still... especially Liza... and when she does sit still she refuses to look anywhere near the camera. Silly girl! Anyways... the kids all seemed to have a blast playing together.

Liza and Jason LOVED the swing set. I love how the picture of Liza on the slide makes it seem like she was going really fast when in reality it is a pretty small slide.

Kylie had found a worm and was showing the other girls. Liza normally doesn't care for worms and bugs too much. I've been working on it with her. But I think that seeing another kid not be freaked out by it really helped her... Liza even touched it.

We had a great time visiting and catching up and dinner was delicious!! I need to get some of their recipes... and then I can share them with all of you!

Thanks Matt and Steph for a great evening!

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