Thursday, July 2, 2009

Visiting with Melinda!!

After visiting with Felchia I drove to Melinda's house and visited with her for a few hours. Melinda figures we haven't seen each other in 12 years!! That's crazy! We met when her family moved to town and her dad became the youth pastor at my church for a while. Lots of fun and funny memories!

Melinda now has four kids! Crazy!! Only three of them were at home today so I didn't get to meet her oldest. But the other three.... SUPER CUTE KIDS! I took a gazillion pictures of them because they LOVE the camera. They actually sit still and will do cute and funny poses. Total hams.

We had a simple cookout for dinner and the kids were really cute with their watermelon... they were telling me to take pictures of their smiles.

Sometimes when you don't see someone for so long and don't keep in touch it can be kind of awkward getting together but it was like we hadn't even missed a day! I am SO GLAD that we got together and I am sure we will do it again soon!! And next time I will have to take my kids along.

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