Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What I love about summer...

cheap, fresh fruit every day
corn on the cob
flip flops
relaxing in the sun
having a tan
going barefoot in the grass
being outside
wild flowers
picnics and hikes
tank tops
taking the kids to the park
having something to do other than eating out for date nights
no need for bulky winter coats

I loooove the summertime! It's always so refreshing.... to wake up and have the sun shining in the windows. Hearing the birds. People come outside again. This week the weather is BEAUTIFUL!! Sunny and in the 70s most days. The kids and I have been spending plenty of time just playing outside. And when the kids are napping in the afternoon you will find me outback relaxing in the sun and working on my tan or reading a good book.

I'm pretty sure that I get that seasonal affective disorder (called SAD for short) so when the spring starts rolling in and the sun starts shining I welcome it knowing that summer is on the way... no matter how hot it gets. It's my favorite time of the year!

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