Monday, August 17, 2009

Another day in the pool.

It has been hot, hot, HOT lately. Right around 90 degrees most days... and add the humidity on top of that and it is just gross! But I love summer and I can deal with the heat and humidity. It's much better than the cold, icy winter.

It works really well to take the kids out to the pool after lunch and before nap. They get to spend up their energy and are cooled off instead of crazy sweaty when they go for their naps.

Every time the kids get in the pool Jason gets a little bit braver. One of the first things he did today was fill his bucket and pour it over Liza's head!! Way to get her back for all the times she did it to you Jason!!!

He even sat down in the water today and splashed his little legs. Before he would only stand and walk around a little bit.

Most of the time though he just dumped buckets of water over his own head and every time he would say "whoa!" and make this cute little face...

One time when we were out swimming it was a little chilly because our back yard doesn't really have much sun. I found a sun spot and told the kids to go sit in it and warm up for a minute so they could stop shivering. Today Liza decided to take a break from swimming all on her own and told me she was sitting in the sun... as you can see she didn't quite find the sun...

Jason kept dumping the water out of the pool with his bucket. We told him to stop and he didn't listen... so we took his bucket away. He was so upset. Look at his sad little face.... he kept crying "buuucketttttt!"

The kids always have a great time playing in the pool and they do the cutest things. I know I've shown a lot of pics of them playing in the pool lately... but they are just too cute... so here are some more. :)

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