Monday, August 10, 2009

Another trip to the zoo

My mom came out to visit on Friday and Saturday and I always love when she comes because I get to do more things with the kids... like go to the zoo!! Mom is always a great help and makes any trip we take easier.

Liza is getting smarter and smarter. She is growing up so fast and the things that come out of her mouth constantly have me smiling and laughing. While looking the tigers, Liza said "It has a tail!" Then she looked at her own bum and I said "I not have a tail."

Liza also told us to look at this guys "little head".

When Jason was only a few months old we went to the zoo because we wanted to see the baby elephants. The babies are growing up and are still adorable!

Liza loves to run in this thing every time... at least a few times.

Jason was really cute this time at the zoo. The other times it was hard to find the animals because they were in the shade... but this time a lot of them were out roaming around or playing. It was fun to watch him and notice when his eyes connected with the animal and he stopped and pointed at it. As the weather gets even cooler through the fall I hope it will bring the animals out even more so that Jason can REALLY see them well. I think his favorite part was the penguins... he got so excited about them. Mike thinks maybe it is because they had recently watched Mary Poppins and there were penguins in the movie.

Oh... and both kids loved finding Nemo and Dory and Nemo's dad in the aquarium.

It was a good time with Mom and the kids. We will go again in a few weeks hopefully. If you are in the area and want to help me take them let me know and we will work it out! (You will get in free!)

There is nothing that works as good as a cracker to bribe the kids to get in the stroller again for the walk back to the car. :)

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