Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The big purple park!

Mike had an early day of work yesterday so we were able to get caught up on everything and still have time to take the kids to the big purple park. I never want to take the kids to this park because it is so big and there is so much and it's just a bunch of running around after the kids making sure they don't decide to walk right out an opening and fall a few feet. There are smaller, much easier parks nearby.

But we felt like having an adventure last night and it wasn't so bad. (The last time I took the kids to this park was a year and a half ago... I was alone, Jason was still a baby and Liza was wild crazy. I was exhausted after five minutes and swore I would never go there again haha.)

Jason found the dinosaur and gave it a few roars... but as soon as it started moving he decided it was a horse and started "HA haaa-ing". (That would be his yee haw. It's pretty cute!)

I think Jason's favorite part was just walking back and forth on all the bridges. Thankfully he isn't too too fast yet and is pretty easy to keep up with.

Liza looooved the slides. There were so many of them and they were all different. This one was her favorite... it was bumpy and knocked her around a bit.

Mike and I were amused by this fun mirror. Check out my hunky husband hahaha!

I love getting out with my family. I don't do it enough because honestly... it's easier just to stay home sometimes... especially when we are all tired. But you know what... soon it will be winter and we will be wishing we had gone out more during the summer. So maybe we will start going to the park more often. The kids love it.

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