Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Ever since becoming a mom I have completely slacked in the "quiet time with God" area. I have plenty of time in my day to fit it in... My kids nap for 2-3 hours at the same time every afternoon and have since the day I brought Jason home from the hospital. They also both go to bed (easily!) every night at 8:00.

So... finding the time to get quiet with God, study the Word, pray or meditate isn't really the issue. The time is there. It's just that every day I find myself filling those hours with other things-- cleaning, laundry, crafting, browsing the internet, calling friends, reading a book, emailing. Before I know it the hours are gone.

Lately, I find myself just tossing out prayrs here and there... or even better, falling asleep as I try to fly through my prayers list. (Not a good way to pray!)

Reading my Bible? I just finished the read through the Bible in a year program. So yeah, I read it. But that's about all I did. Sure it was great to get it all, connect everything... but I want to learn and grow and remember what I read. The best part... once I got through the whole Bible I just stopped reading it. (Fantastic!)

I know that as a parent it is sooo important for me to walk closely with God, to always be praying and to KNOW the Word of God for two reasons:
1. I need the wisdom and teachign so that I can make good decisions as a mom.
2. If I don't know the Word how am I going to talk to my kids and teach them about it?

So I know that I definitely need to make some changes and since finding the time isn't the problem I am forced to admit what the real problem is--ME. A lack of discipline and desire.

Why am I sharing this? To bring it in to the light. If I keep it hidden I will never conquer it. And now that you know you can ask me how I'm doing, if I've been reading my Bible and praying, what I am learning about. You can pray for me and encourage me. (I would love it if you shared what God has been teaching you!) Just please don't be like a group of friends that I had a year and a half ago that when I told them about my problem they made excuses for me like... "It's normal! You have small kids. It's hard to fit it all in." NO! It is NOT ok! I do not need others making excuses for me. God should be my priority.

I am going to make some changes. I am going to work on discipline. I know that I can't do it without God's help but I figure if he can help me to quit eating sugar (read more about that HERE) than I do ANYTHING with His help!

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