Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 1 of Kid Free Weekend!

Our original plan was to start our weekend around noon on Friday. Mike was going to work a half day and I was going to clean the carpets in the morning. We got a nice surprise when Mike found out he didn't have to work Friday at all (it would have been a rain day anyways) and he actually got the carpets cleaned Thursday night while I was dropping the kids off at my parents! So we got to start our vacation early on Friday. :)

We went out for breakfast. Mike LOVES a good, big breakfast with the works so we hit a buffet and I am pretty sure he got some of everything.

We wanted to head to Pittsburgh after that and hang out at one of their parks and just relax for a while during the afternoon. Well it rained... so we found some stops along the way. I discovered a new used book store and then we went to Barnes & Noble for a while and just hung out. I love bookstores but we don't have one in my town.

When we got to Pittsburgh our destination was Phipps Conservatory. We ate at a little cafe right near it and did some crossword puzzles. We used to do puzzles all the time but then got some that were too hard and gave up. We found a good book that we can do but still makes us think and it is fun to have something simple to be able to do together.

We thought the rain was done... but it wasn't. We looked up to see these really dark clouds!

We headed to Phipps Conservatory and found that in the free section outside they had a big tent set up. We decided to wait the storm out there... and did another crossword puzzle. :) It was actually kind of fun because no one else was around and we had the tent to ourselves. We had a great view of some of their gardens and really enjoyed just being together.

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