Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Favorite Photo

Today's blog hop is all about your favorite photo... of course if you know anything about me you know it would be absolutely impossible to narrow down all the pictures I take to just one so you will be seeing a couple.

This picture is from a day when we just needed some time out of the house. We headed to the lake and Liza was having so much fun calling the birds kitties and barking at them. I just happened to snap this moment of Liza and Daddy enjoying the outing and I LOVE IT!

This is from the first time Liza met Jason. It was such a sweet moment. She was counting his toes. :)

This is my favorite photo of the two kids together... it's a rare thing to get them in a photo together and even more rare to have them both looking good at the same time!

Liza and I got to take a trip to Florida to visit my sisters. Liza looooved the water. She was only 11 1/2 months at the time and she was fearless... and still is. Just strolled along the beach and then walked right in to the water.

I REALLY love this picture of my mom and dad having a great time playing with Liza.

Someone snapped this picture of Michael and I at my brother's wedding. It has become a favorite. Mike makes me laugh all the time and I love having our happiness caught in a forever memory of a photo.

Nothing like a tripod and a little bit of editing to get me another favorite photo. :) We got married quick and a lot of people didn't think we knew what we were doing... but we did... and we continue to prove them wrong one day at a time. :)

This one I just took yesterday. I am in love with Jason's smile and he smiles all the time! He smiles when he is happy, he smiles for attention... he smiles just because.

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