Monday, August 17, 2009

I don't think it's hard to see why I love these kids so much!

My kids are always doing crazy cute thing and I love to share their pictures and stories. Here are a few...

Jason loves riding this horse. He will sit on it for quite a while saying "ah haaa! ah haaa!" (That's his yeehaw!)

Liza likes to pretend sleep. The other day she was laying in her bed and she likes to ask me to take her picture these days.... so I took her picture and then she gave me this cheesy smile... she thinks she is sooo cool for fake sleeping haha...

I am in love with this picture. Whenever Jason gets tired he will just lay down and suck his thumb. (Thankfully he only really sucks his thumb when he is tired!) But ahhh... isn't he ADORABLE!!

Liza will ask me to take her picture. I will try and try to get her to smile but she usually only gives me a straight face. Lately though... this is what I get. I say can you smile Liza and she says "like dis" and gives me this face. Crazy girl.

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