Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I know they say you shouldn't have favorites...

...but I'm not gonna lie... I had a few. :)

When I worked at camp there were definitely a few kids that have managed to find themselves a permanent place in my memories and my heart. Miss Mary is one of them.

Mary was in my cabin my first summer at camp and I knew from that week that I would never forget her. Then she came back to camp for the next two summers!

A while back Mary found me on facebook and I just had to accept her to my friend list. I was so excited to hear from her! I learned that she didn't live far from camp so when I was planning my trip out for the weekend I also planned to meet with Mary for lunch. (James and Nicola came with us too because they are like me and just love Mary!)

It was really great getting to catch up with her. It's strange because she is all grown up now. I think the last time I saw her she was ten! And she is beautiful... inside and out!

I know a lot of people have wondered the same thing as I have... You spend your summers working at camps, staying up late, waking up early, giving everything you have and pouring your heart into these kids and you wonder if it ever mattered. It DOES matter! Maybe not to every single kid that you ever met... but there are a good number that will never forget you or something you did or said. They will hang on to the memories just like you do and tucked away in a safe place are a few pictures that keep those memories alive.

This weekend, more than anything else, made me realize just how much I miss working with kids and I definitely need to find some way to work with them again.

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