Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's that time of year again...

Steelers season.

Everything turns black and gold. The only thing people can talk about is football. The most important news has to do with the team or it's players. All of my friends facebook status updates have to do with the Steelers. And of course the mood for the first half of every week depends on whether or not the Steelers won or lost that weekend. Nothing else matters.

I only live an hour from Pittsburgh so it's kind of hard to pretend football season doesn't exist. I would say that I couldn't care less about it all... but every year I find myself getting sucked in further and further by all the Steeler mania. I even caught myself telling Mike a few days ago that I think it might actually be fun to go to a game. (Where did that come from!!)

We don't have cable so we spent the past few years visiting with friends and family on game days. Before kids I would find myself sitting next to Mike and reading or crocheting or working on some other kind of project during the games. But little by little I started to learn more about the game and it kind of sucked me in over the years.

With two kids it got a bit harder to go to others houses and still be able to enjoy the game. Our antenneas brought in a few games but we missed a bunch... or had to listen to them on the radio. This year... thanks to cable going digital (or whatever it did) we get a few more channels and that means we get almost every game and the channels should come in clear enough that we can enjoy them in our own home!

That means that it will be easy to continue brainwashing our children so that they know that no team other than the Steelers will EVER be worth cheering for. Some of Liza's early words were Rothlisberger, Polamalu and Heinz Ward. Last year she got good at cheering... running around saying "Go Steelers!" Hopefully Jason will follow in her footsteps and will be saying some of the same by the end of this season.

You may have noticed that the one thing missing in these photos is my Steelers attire. That would be because I have never had anything to wear. This season will be my first to have a Steelers shirt! I always told Mike if I were going to wear Steelers that it needed to be pink and if it had a player I wanted Polamalu... after football was over last year he found a great deal and got me a pink Polamalu jersey at a GREAT price! This year Liza and I will be matching!

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