Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MckLinky blog hop... Recipes again!

I don't know if I can call this a FAVORITE recipe but it is a good one. I like it mostly because it is sooo easy and fast. I used to say "if it isn't fun I don't do it." Now I find myself saying "If it isn't easy I don't do it." I like to keep things simple... so here is my super simple recipe...


Pita bread (wheat is yummy!)
Pizza toppings... sauce, cheese and whatever you like.

Put your toppings on your pita bread.
Place them on the top rack in your grill and cook on medium heat until done. (Takes a few minutes. We like to put aluminum foil down on the grill first in case any cheese spills over. Don't want many flames on these pizzas or they will burn.)

Easy peasy! And kids will love it because everyone can make their own pizza just how they like it! A great recipe for these hot days of summer.

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