Monday, August 24, 2009

Memory Lane... It's a good place to be!

I spent four summers working at Akron Rotary Camp in Ohio and made some great friends along the way. We don't keep in touch real often... but we do keep in touch.

This past weekend James (who I worked four summers with) and his wife Nicola (who he met while working at camp!) were flying in from New Zealand and wanted to meet up with everyone. So we planned a little staff reunion.

This is James...

This is Nicola...

This is all the wonderful staff that showed up!!!

I worked with most of them at some point... except for the family on the left. The guy worked with bossman Dan back in 96 or something like that. He's from Australia and his family was in the states and just happened to be in the area the same day as the reunion.

And that is the thing about this camp... once you work there (even if it is only for a weekend) you are family.

This is the bossman... and I have to say that I really think he is the best person to work for. He takes care of his staff and like I said... once you work for him you are always welcome in his life. He has been the director of Rotary Camp for ten years now! He started my second year and he has done a TON of great things for the camp.

And this is Bossman's fantastic wife!! I love Wendy! I am so glad that we became friends and even though we hadn't talked for a while when I showed up we just fell right back in to that easiness of conversation and fun that seems to accompany great people.

I have always believed that camp people laugh more and this weekend seemed to prove that. I hadn't seen most of these people in six to ten years and I laughed more than I have while hanging out with anyone else I know. I don't know why that is the case... but I loved the laughter!

It was such a great weekend and so much fun to visit with old friends. I need to do a better job at keeping in touch (thank you facebook for allowing us all to find each other again!) and hopefully we can call this the First Annual Alumni Staff Reunion. I know I would be willing to plan it if it meant it would happen again!

(I'm sooo glad that I thought to take my tripod!!)

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