Saturday, August 15, 2009

Out of Control!

When we took our weekend vacation without the kids a few weeks ago we headed in to Pittsburgh for a day trip. We don't know the city very well and thought it would be a good idea to ask Mike's parents if we could borrow their GPS. They said it would be fine and let us know that her name is Carli.

Meet Carli.

I don't like Carli!

I think it was the worst idea we ever had. You see... I have ALWAYS been the navigator on all of our trips. We have drove through multiple states at a time and taken some really long road trips. I don't get us lost. And I like knowing where we are going.

When we got in the car for this trip to Pittsburgh I kind of panicked a little bit. I didn't know where we were going! I didn't know if Carli could actually get us there. I was completely trusting this.... thing! that I had never used before. I wanted my mapquest printouts!

Carli had replaced me. Now I just had to sit there and do nothing and have no role in the process of getting there. I didn't know what to do with myself.

The best part... Carli got us lost! I was freaking out.

We followed her directions. It wasn't our fault that she didn't give us the same street name that the sign said. It wasn't our fault that when she said turn right and we did turn right that she realized she was wrong. We were in these crazy neighborhoods, driving up this hill that dropped off on my side. I was hanging on to that little handle bar above the window having little heart attacks all over the place. By the time we were FINALLY seeing signs for the place we were trying to get to I was sooo stressed out.

I don't know if I will ever want to use a GPS again. If I was in charge we would not have got lost!

And just a few lessons for Carli....
1. LIBERTY is not pronounced li-BARE-it-E
2. Route 8 is not called RATE.
3. If I was in charge of getting us there I would not have had to "recalculate" a gazillion times.

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