Thursday, August 6, 2009

Please just make it work!

I know I've been blogging a TON lately but I feel like I have been stuck at home so much with potty training Liza, Mike working long days and just basically a lack of a social life lately. Blogging is my outlet and strangely makes me feel like I am somehow connected and people care what I have to say haha. Sad. I know!


So I got the call from the landlord this morning saying that they actually send a DIFFERENT person to hook up the dishwasher and he would be there in the afternoon. Great! The afternoon works good. I got to get out and get to the bank and the grocery store this morning... which really needed to happen. Of course I hate having to take both kids out... especially when it is a full moon. Does anyone else notice that their kids go crazy when it's a full moon? I swear all I have done today is tell Liza NO. Someone please come get her!

Thankfully the dishwasher guy came while the kids were napping and I didn't have to try to keep them out of everything. It took a while but when he left everything seemed to be up and running and the old, smelly dishwasher left with him. Thank you Mr. Dishwasher-hooker-upper.

Wait! I mean NO THANK YOU! The dishwasher leaks!!! WHAT!?? You have got to be kidding me!

I was cooking tonight and when I stepped up to the sink my foot got wet. I thought maybe Mike had dripped something so we (he) cleaned up the little bit of water. Next time I stepped in front of the sink I stepped in water AGAIN! I kind of snapped at Mike saying something about him not knowing how to clean up and all that. It's the full moon. My nerves are shot!

Mike was smart enough to keep his mouth shut (he really is a smart guy... and lacks my temper) and he looked in to the problem. It certainly didn't help my nerves when he told me that it was the dishwasher leaking and there was water all over the cupboard underneath the sink. Grrr!

Now I have to clean that out. What a mess. This dishwasher business is out of control! I am so not looking forward to cleaning that cupboard. I have too much other stuff to do tonight. My mom is coming tonight, we are going to the zoo tomorrow and tomorrow night I am hosting a jewelry show. Maybe earning free jewelry will make me feel better! And of course having my mom here will make things better too.

PS... I did apologize to Mike about snapping at him and thinking he couldn't clean up a little bit of water! He's a great husband and he does know how to clean up some water on the floor.

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