Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rodeo Parade

Last night we ventured out to a small town in the middle of no where called North Washington. It's known as the rodeo capital of the East. Go figure. No really... it IS in the middle of no where.

They had a parade to kick things off and it was great because Mike was able to go with us. (He works on Saturdays and we miss all kinds of things.) The kids got really excited about going to the parade and seeing animals. Mike's mom and sister were with us and they are always great to have along because they help with the kids! (And we enjoy their company!)

We got to our spot, set up our chairs and put the monkeys on the kids' backs. Then we got to wait. Jason was soooooo cute. When the parade finally started making it's way to us he would lean over so he could see better... adorable...

This wasn't a typical parade for me... with all the important people in the area and all the beauty queens. (Yes that is the kind of parade I am used to.) This one did have the usual stuff... fire trucks and clubs of little girls doing their dance or pom pom stuff... but it also had things like rodeo clowns, tractors and Miss Rodeo USA.

Jason had fun dancing and Liza enjoyed the candy that was thrown our way. She was showing off her blue tongue from her blue tootsie roll...

Mike's youngest sister was in the parade with her high school's marching band. She is the person who directs the band. (I can never remember what it is called.) Of course when they passed our spot they were just walking and not playing so we didn't get to see her doing her thing.

At one point during the night Liza was being a little stinker. I think this is when she said "GO AWAY" and when she tells me that I usually make her sit with me. As you can see she wasn't very happy about that hahaha... Look at that face!! It's awesome!

After the parade we headed to the place where they hold the rodeo for some food and to see the animals. Jason had never seen cows and horses up close... actually I am not sure if he has ever seen a real one before which is crazy considering there are plenty of cows and horses around here. Some of these guys just look MEAN!

The horses were pretty!

We had a great time just getting to be together as a family. Mike works so much in the summers and it seems that we rarely get to do things with all four of us... and when we do we are all just so tired. But tonight was just right... great weather, fun outting, good food. Yay for family togetherness!

OH! I almost forgot the best part of the entire night! The car ride home!! We have this thing... and you are all going to think we are pretty ridiculous... and you will be right... we are. But this thing we do... we make up fake laughs. Liza does it. Jason does it. Mike does it. And I do it too. But rarely will you get all four of us doing it at the same time. But last night we somehow got going and it just kept going and going until we were all laughing sooo hard. My stomach was getting a workout! We did some hard laughing for at least ten minutes. Give it a try sometime... usually it starts mixing in with real laughter and before you know it you can't stop!

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