Thursday, August 13, 2009

Seriously frustrated with my house!

I think I could start a new blog called "My House Is Falling Apart" and probably have something to write in it almost every day. Ridiculous really.

What has gone wrong in the past few months (ever since my landlord sold the business to his daughter):
*Hot water tank broke and leaked water all over my basement getting a good bit of stuff wet and I had to clean that all up. Grr.
*My dishwasher broke and took three weeks to get replaced.
*The pipes under the sink rusted and began leaking almost as soon as the dishwasher repair man left.
*The pipes got fixed but still dripped. That is now fixed.
*Today... my toilet won't flush right.

Seriously... I have had to use the plunger WAY too many times today! The plunger is NOT my friend. A working toilet is. And no it is not because someone clogged it all up. It just won't suck the water down the little hole and take everything with it. (I know... don't you just love talking about toilets.)

And let's talk about all the other things that have been going wrong...
*Last summer a couple of the steps outside rotted and broke and needed replaced. (Our house is built off a hill and we have to go up a flight of stairs to get to our door.)
*A few boards on the porch at the top of the stairs are breaking and need replaced.
*The deck off the side of the house should probably be replaced... the railing is starting to fall off.
*The gutter does not work like it should and is therefore pointless.

Those are all things the landlord needs to do. For me... my washer has been slowly dying for weeks now. I keep using it hoping it will last forever. The final spin cycle doesn't always work but if I kick it around enough it will do it's job. For real... I stand there shoving my washer around and kicking it until it works. (Kind of like how we had to bang a fist on the top of the tv when we were growing up to make it work better.)

We are saving up for a down payment on a house and hopefully will be able to buy within the next year. Good thing too because I am tired of this house haha. Well not really... it makes a good home. It's just old. And I think that everything has just been patched up for the past however many years and so when things break now they are breaking for good... and everything seems to be breaking at the same time. Poor maintenance guy... there are I think 50 units that he gets to take care of and they are all probably falling apart.

And while all of this is going on I have a constant drip coming from the kitchen faucet that just won't get fixed. I hate drips. They REALLY annoy me.

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