Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sorry Mr. Dishwasher Man

Dear Mr. Dishwasher Man,

I owe you an apology. The leak under the sink was not your fault... it just happened to start leaking immediately after you left. Turns out that it had nothing to do with the dishwasher at all. The drain pipe under the sink rusted until there was a hole in it.

Seriously! The timing! As soon as my dishwasher works the sink starts leaking. Ridiculous. In the past few months the hot water tank leaked and needed replaced, the dishwasher broke and needed replace and then the pipes under the sink needed replaced.

I had Mike call the landlord, who is actually a lady, to tell her about the pipes on Thursday. She asked if we could just put a bucket under it for a few days. As instructed Mike proceeded to tell her how I was having a party Friday night and it would be nice to have it done so I can use my kitchen without worrying about water leaking everywhere. I was hoping that being she too is a woman that she would understand that... and I think she did because she had the maintenance guy there first thing Friday morning to fix the sink.

Thank you Mrs. Landlady!

However... I noticed on Saturday that the pipes were still leaking a little bit. :( Not enough to need immediate attention... but I don't want to have to leave a bucket under my sink forever. I actually need that space to store things (which are currently cluttering up my laundry room and I hate clutter!)

Can we please just get out kitchen back to fully functioning? PLEASE!?!

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