Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Things I Love

This past weekend while shopping at Volant Village Shops I stopped in a store called Goodness Gracious "The Green Boutique" which features earth-friendly products from soaps and lotions to cleaning and candles. While there I picked up a few things and already I love them!

Deodorant Stone

I've been wanting to try one of these for a while now and finally just decided to pick one up and give it a go. Let me share what is on the packaging with you...

"Anti-perspirants work by blocking the pores with powerful astringents such as aluminum salts which prevent the body from sweating. Your body regulates its temperature through sweatin and eliminates a small fraction of toxins you come into contact with via perspiration. The use of aluminum has been linked to health problems including Alzheimer's Disease and Breast Cancer."

"Body odor is actually a by-porduct of the perspiration coming into contact with the bacteria on your skin. Deodorants form a topical layer on the skin creating an environment impossible for bacteria to thrive. No bacteria equals no body odor! Our deodorant stone is an all natural alternative. Try it, it really works!"

And it does really work! You still sweat but don't have to worry about smelling gross. You can order one of these from

Another thing I bought and now love and will never go without again is Zum Rub!

This is a moisturizer that is good for a lot of things. I bought it for my feet. I HATE bad feet. Seriously... I have a foot thing... Mike is the only person aloud to touch mine. I will never get a pedicure. BUT my heals were getting gross and dry and I need to do something! So I tried Zum Rub. I have only been using it for a few days now and the difference is already AMAZING! I love my feet again and don't feel like I need to hide them. Lotions did NOT work. I tried them. Zum Rub worked!

It is also good for chapped skin, cracked heels, curticles, lips, healing scars, tattoos, poison ivy, sunburns, make-up removal, bikini wax and frizzy hair.

And lastly I also bought Zum Rub for Muscles.

"This all-natural mix of menthol, shea butter and organic extracts soothes sore muscles, joints, bruises and aches."

My shoulders get knots in them real easy and this in turn gives me tension headaches. I haven't had too many reasons to use this yet seeing as I have only had it for a week. But one day I used it on one shoulder and not the other and there was a difference. Maybe this will be the answer to all my headaches!

Ok. That's all. Just wanted to share some of my new favorite products. Let me know if you decide to give them a try!

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