Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This morning I dropped Liza off at preschool and was looking forward to my time with Jason. We stopped off at Good Will because I was hoping to find a fun frame for cheap for something I want to try but don't want to spend money on. No luck. But we did find an Elmo video and that made Jason's day.

We left the thrift store and were heading to one more before Jason and I would just hang out and do whatever we wanted. However we got a little off track. I was waiting my turn to enter the four lane high way. It's currently in a construction zone so there was a stop sign because it's down to one lane. There was a bus in front of me and when it started going I realized there was a pick up truck coming and I remember thinking "that truck isn't going to make it!"

And it didn't. The bus hit the back end of it, slamming it in to the cement barriers that divide a highway. The truck then went a bit crazy, spun around, went across the road and smashed in to the guard rail.

I think I was in shock for about ten seconds. It felt like a lot longer. I had never actually witnessed an accident before. I pulled up to make sure the bus driver was ok. (Thankfully it was empty!!) Poor lady. She says "Did you see what happened?" I told her yes and explained that I saw her pull out before the truck was through. She said "So, it was my fault then?" I so badly wanted to say no but it was her fault.

The driver of the pick up was already getting out. I asked him if he was ok. Poor guy. He was shaking. I would have been a disaster I think but he insisted that he was ok and I told him I would stick around since I saw it all. He seemed to appreciate that. You just never want to have to put one person's word against another if you don't have to.

So Jason and I sat and waited. Someone from the bus department came and he talked with me. Then the police came and asked me what happened. Everyone took my name and number. And then Jason and I went on our way. It was all kind of bizarre.

I was just glad that everyone was ok and there was no blood. I used to be certified in first aid but I've never really needed to use it and it's been years since the training. I really wouldn't have felt qualified to do much of anything.

Jason and I still managed to have a nice little time out. We went to Panera Bread and had a bagel. He's just sooo stinkin cute when we go out. He laughs at people when they walk buy and makes cute faces at them. He was calling an old man at the thrift store "papa". I think Jason is confused and thinks he has lots of Papas (grandpas) because he has been calling a lot of strangers Papa lately. Silly boy.

Hopefully next time Jason and I get to spend some time alone we won't be interupted with unpleasant, unexpected events.

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