Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hats and Boots

Jason loooooves hats. It was one of his first words and if he sees a hat he wants it. I've been watching and hoping to find a cute one that will actually kind of fit him so he can wear a hat AND see. We went to Grove City Outlets the other day and in one of the children's clothes stores I finally found one... and it was only $4 on clearance!!

Jason loves it! And he is sooo ridiculously cute with it on!

And for Liza... I've been watching for winter boots, hoping to get a good deal. I found these cute ones at a garage sale for $3 and Liza loooves them. Really... she will wear them all day. It's cute. She did have a skirt on at one point. I don't know when it came off or why but she looks so funny in her little tights and boots.

There has been an awful lot of cuteness going on in this house lately!

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