Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to take a family picture...

1. Ask someone to take some photos for you and then hand them your camera and hope they aren't intimidated by the beast.

2. Grab a kid and get in place.

3. Ask everyone else that is there to get their faces on the same level as the camera and try to get the kids attention.

4. Switch kids.

5. Try not to close your eyes in the ONE shot where everyone is actually looking in the general direction of the camera.

6. If a kid is being fussy try hanging him upside down to see if you can make him laugh... or at least forget why he was being fussy.

Didn't work... he just wanted his hat.

7. Try to trick kid by letting him wear his hat, counting to three and then throwing it out of the picture while the picture is being taken.

8. Just give up and let him wear the stupid hat in the picture. Of course by this time it is guaranteed that the second child will be completely bored and ready to be done.

Out of about 20 attempts I think this is the best one we got.

Guess we will just have to get the tripod out one of these days and try again. That self-timer that will take ten shots in a row is a pretty nifty thing.

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