Monday, September 28, 2009

I experience so much JOY when I watch Jason eat...

...especially when he insists on wearing Liza's new blue headband while eating!!

It is always fun to watch Jason eat. When he takes bites and chews his food his mouth and his cheeks do the cutest things ever. Honesly... I could probably watch him sit and eat all day. (And it would have nothing to do with the fact that he would be strapped to one place... really!)

Anyways... he was registering somewhere beyond cute during this meal. I think he even registered somewhere beyond awesome. Perhaps a new word needs to be made up to describe it.

Now that is what I call enjoying your spaghetti and applesauce!!

Isn't he just the cutest kid on the planet!!!

And a little attitude to end the meal.

I know... you love him almost as much as I do! This world wouldn't be nearly as fun without Jason in it!

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