Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Surprise parties are not cool


If you do I am likely to hate you for the rest of my life. This is your warning! Be wise!

I really hate surprise parties. I get it... some people like them. Like them if you want. You will not change my mind so don't try to throw a surprise party because "maybe she will like this one." Nope. Not gonna happen.

I have two experiences with surprise parties and I don't need any more thankyouverymuch.

My freshman year in college it was my birthday. I had some plans with friends but one by one they all backed out. I was upset. Probably cried. And I was really hurt. I remember complaining to someone about what had happened and how awful it made me feel. Then another friend called me up to go down the hall and visit her. When I walked in the room everyone was there saying "SURPRISE!" I ran. I went and hid in someone else's room for about 15 minutes and no one knew where I went. I was so upset that they all "hurt me" to give me a surprise. I hated that everyone was in on it and I was in the dark. I hate that they made me feel like a fool.

My last year of college I had another surprise party. It wasn't my birthday. Nothing special. I had made plans with a group of people to come to my dorm and watch the football game and hang out. Mike and another friend asked me to go to church that morning so I did and we were having lunch with Mike's family... but everyone knew I had to be back at a certain time to let people in. Well things were going a bit slow and I was sooooo angry! I don't even know if I talked to Mike on the ride back to the dorms. He knew how important it is for me to be on time. I really HATE being late. Anyways... as we get near my place I see everyone walking in a different direction. Plans had to be changed because something was wrong with the room we planned to meet in and they were heading to another dorm. By that time I was just so mad and since I didn't need to be there anymore since it was somewhere else I just got out of the car and walked to my place and sat there alone. (I know... real mature of me. But you don't want me around when I am angry.)

Anyways... People kept calling me telling me to join them. After a while I finally calmed down and headed over. When I walked in they all yelled "surprise!" Some people (mainly Mike) had high-jacked my gathering and turned it in to a "we appreciate Laura party". It was sweet. Really it was. BUT... I hated it! I hated the surprise. Once again... I ran. I left and went for a walk around the block a few times. I think Mike finally came to find me and I went back. I probably punched him in the arm a gazillion times. I hated looking like a fool and I hated that he had to make me angry and make me late in order to surprise me.

Friday is my 30th birthday. Last year my birthday sucked because Mike was best man in a wedding on the weekend we were to celebrate my birthday and his time was consumed with that while I sat home with the kids. We couldn't celebrate the weekend before because that was taken by Liza's birthday... and the weekend after was taken by Mike's birthday. So all year I have been telling him that he needs to make up for it and make this birthday a great one. I requested only one thing... that he absolutely NOT throw me a surprise party. (because I hate them!)

Don't worry... he didn't throw a surprise party... but he got as close as possible without it actually being one. Ugh. He called up my family (the ones that live only two hours away) and made plans for them to come out to celebrate my birthday on Saturday. He FINALLY told me about two nights ago. I was soooo mad! (I got over it... but he is lucky he told me!) He swears he was going to tell me probably around Thursday and I believe that he would have... but I am glad that he gave me much more time.

I hate surprise parties. I hate everyone sneaking around behind my back. Keeping it all a secret. I hate looking stupid because I get upset when I really shouldn't because it's all going to work out in the end anyways. Surprise parties make me feel foolish. And next time someone throws one for me (which isn't going to happen unless someone purposely wants to make me hate them since you all have been warned) I will run away from the party and not come back. That way you will look like the fool and not me. :)

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