Thursday, September 24, 2009


I learned to use textures with editing a while ago but I completely forgot about it... until I read today's post from I Heart Faces. I decided I needed to find some textures and some pictures and waste some time messing around in the photo editor... and that is exactly what I did.

Here is a fun texture that I found for free on flikr. There are a ton of them. Just do a search.

The first picture is the normal picture... I might have done a little bit of editing on it. The second is the picture with texture. It's real simple to do and you can find a simple tutorial on the I Heart Faces blog.

See how fun that is!!??? I love it!

Here is another example. I actually combined two textures for this one... the one mentioned above and I have no idea where the second one was from... somewhere on flikr. I forgot to mark the page.

Just a really simple way to change the look of your photos.

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