Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Three things every parent should teach their kids...

What a great topic! How can I narrow it down to ONLY three things?? I could probably go on and on and on. For my readers that aren't coming through the blog hop here is what we were asked to discuss this week...

The Blog Hop theme for this coming Monday is "THREE THINGS EVERY PARENT SHOULD TEACH THEIR KIDS". To keep from getting alot of the same obvious answers, try to be specific and let's bypass some of the obvious: be honest, love your parents, love God, be kind to others, accept Jesus as your Savior (Christian parents will feel obligated to list some of those).

So... here are my three...

1. The world does NOT revolve around YOU.
Kids seem to think that it does these days. They learn that if they cry and whine and complain enough that they will get what they want. People seem to think that they are "owed" something and they should be given handouts ALL the time. You are not the center. Life is not about only you. Think bigger and live beyond yourself... it's rewarding.

2. How to wait and work for what you want.
There could be a gazillion sub-categories under this one... money management, work ethic, budgeting, saving, etc. We live in a world where we can have everything and anything NOW. Anyone can get a credit card and because of that people are buying what they can't afford and going deep into debt because of it. You can enjoy what you have a lot more if it is paid for. And if you had to wait and wait and work and work for it you will appreciate it waaaay more than if you just ran out and swiped a card the moment you decided you wanted whatever it was.

3. Enjoy the little things in life.
Don't get so busy and so driven that you can't stop to smell the flowers, chat with a neighbor, have lunch with a friend. Don't get so caught up in your worries that you forget to smile at strangers, help the cute old lady across the street or take a moment to catch a butterfly. Laugh at things that are silly. Go down a slide whenever you are at a park... no matter how old you are. Spend time with family. Play in the rain. Make silly faces. Don't ever let fear of what others might think of you stop you from enjoying the moment. (Unless of course you are getting in trouble and in that case I hope your friends that care about you WILL let you know what they think about you!)

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