Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Value of Christian Training

Still reading this book. And still loving it.

Today I read a part that I don't want to sum up because it would be difficult to say it better than the author... plus it's just him sharing some facts from the study. It's not long... so I decided I am just going to quote McGee...

In 1874 the state of New York had a terrible problem. It's prisons were overcrowded, and new facilities couldn't be built fast enough. The state officials didn't know what to do. So a man named R. A. Dugdale was hired to do some research. He came back with a fascinating report. (I have no idea about Dugdale's spiritual condition. There is nothing in the history books to give any indication about that.)

Dugdale did a study of two families and their descendants over some six generations to see how the different lifestyles affected their children.

The first half of his report was about a family named Jukes. Both Max Jukes and his brother married sisters. According to the report, neither of them believed in Christian training. (I have no idea what was meant by "Christian training.")

They had 1,026 descendants. Because of their lifestyles, 300 of them died young and many others suffered poor health. Among the descendants, 140 served an average of thirteen years each in prison, 190 were confirmed public prostitues and 100 were alcoholics. Over a hundred-year period this family cost the state of New York 1.2 million dollars.

The second half of the report compared the Jukes family with another family named Edwards. Johathan Edwards, whom you might remember from your history books, was a Christian minister who married a girl "of like belief."

Edwards and his wife had 729 descendants. Of those, 300 were preachers, 65 were college professors, 13 were university presidents, 60 were authors, 3 were congressmen and 1 served as vice-president of the United States. With the exception of a grandson named Aaron Burr, who was hanged, this second family cost the state of New York not one single penny.

The difference in these two families was that one family believed in Christian training while the other just raised up their kids and fed them.

How are you raising your children???

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