Saturday, October 31, 2009

Octavia and Lily

Last night I got to do a photo shoot for my friend Octavia. We mom's all know how it is... we are rarely in the pictures because we are the ones that have to take the pictures. And you all know me by now... I love to take pictures so I wanted to give Octavia the gift of memories of her and her daughter.

It was a beautiful fall evening and we went to Jennings to hang out. Octavia and Lily were lots of fun to work with and I got some great pictures. Posed pictures are nice but my favorite kind are the ones that show people as they are. I love to capture their personalities and their relationship.

We found a caterpillar...

Tree Hugger. :)


And of course we had to try out some sun flare.

Aren't the just the cutest mommy and daughter ever!!? Well... next to me and Liza of course. :)

And aren't Octavia's flowers in her hair pretty sweet!?!?! Want some of your own?? She makes some really cool and unique jewelry and hair accessories and they are all reasonable priced. You definitely want to check her out.

Visit her blog HERE.

Or Check out Octavia's Beads on Etsy.

Flirting is ok??

Alright... first I will admit that I am a bit irritable this week. Ok. Maybe it's more like A LOT. Just a whole lot of small things all piling up and leaving me quite cranky and probably not so fun to be around. Anyways... this just means that when I see an article like this one I go a little nuts and can't seem to keep my mouth shut.

Let me share some of it with you and then share my thoughts... or rants... or whatever you want to call it...

Getting Together With An Ex

The Situation: Despite what you may have indicated to your wife when swapping old break-up stories, probably not every previous relationship you've been in failed because the woman was certifiably nuts. In fact, you may look back on some of them affectionately, to the point where you want to get together for lunch, a drink or even dinner. The temptation may be to either lie -- "No, honey, it was zombie movie night at Donner's house!" -- or to downplay the significance of the get-together by acting like it's a burdensome obligation you'd rather avoid.

Our Take: Jealousy sucks, and being dishonest about the fact that you'd like to enjoy the occasional meal or drink with other women that you've dated only encourages that jealousy. It also betrays a lack of faith in her -- the person you're sharing your life with should be cool enough to know that she's the one you've chosen, and if you feel the need to lie about something innocent, you're essentially starting that you don't think that she's got it in her. Have a little faith, and let her remind you why you married her.

What kind of crap advice is that??? Of course a guy did write this. But come on. Please tell me most guy have more common sense than the author of this hideous article!! A wife "should be cool enough to know that she is the one you've chosen." That would make it ok then to meet up with the ex?? Honestly... do you REALLY need to be meeting up with exes? And should you REALLY be expecting your spouse to be ok with this??? Why would you jeopardize your marriage for an ex? There is no room in a marriage for exes. The only time you should be in touch with one is if you have a child together. If not... just delete the phone numbers, email addresses. Forget about them. Don't add them on facebook. Just leave them in the past. I guess I am not a "cool wife" since I don't agree with the author.

Here is some more...


The Situation: Flirting is fun, and even for single folk it's often more for sport than the end-game of ending up naked together. And when you view it as a sport, the idea that you're supposed to give it up because you walked down the aisle is kind of a bummer. You didn't give up basketball, right?

Our Take:
Check yourself. Flirting in and of itself is mostly harmless, but stop short of taking down numbers, even if you have no intention of using them -- at the very least, it's not really fair to the girl who will be expecting her phone to ring. And don't be a hypocrite -- if it's a harmless game when you're doing it, it's a harmless game when your wife does it, too. If you both enjoy the occasional rush of validation from the attention of a stranger, it's a good way to remind yourselves that your partner's lucky.

Stupid, stupid man! Telling other men that it is ok to flirt when you are married. Ugh. He should be shot. I'm starting to wonder if the author of this article is married himself or ever has been. I'm going to guess no. Flirting is a sport?? Really? Who ever thought that up? Flirt all you want just don't take a number??? Umm... Can't you just flirt with your wife? Flirting leads to disaster. JUST. LEAVE IT. ALONE! It is NOT a good way to remind yourself that your partner is lucky. It's a good way to remind her that you are STUPID.

And this line... "
If you both enjoy the occasional rush of validation from the attention of a stranger"... Anyone can get validation from a stranger. I think it is a much greater thing to be able to KEEP a man attracted for YEARS. To be about to bare the depths of your heart and soul and be "naked" (not in the physical way) with someone and have them still love you and find you attractive and want to be with you.

Have you had enough yet??? Well just in case you haven't let me give you one more stupid example from the stupid article...

Going To Strip Clubs

The Situation:
In any sizable group of guys, whether they're your league's fellow fantasy football owners or your poetry slam team, there's likely to be at least one dude who's answer to any lull in the conversation is, "Let's go to the strip club!" And, depending on how late into the evening it is and how much everyone's been drinking, that may be the direction the group goes for the night. Which leaves you with a question: Do you call it a night, or do you keep hanging out?

Our Take:
"Strip club patron," if it's not for your best friend's bachelor party, is probably not an occupation that a married guy needs on his resume. It's not just the fact that there's another woman shaking her stuff in your face, but also that you're paying for the privilege, presumably out of shared finances. Flirting at a bar, or letting your eye linger at a barista -- those things are relatively innocent, but paying money to another woman for an erection is a bit harder to justify. On very special occasions -- we're talking your brother's bachelor party, not your co-worker's birthday -- it may be a part of the deal, but for the most part, it's a pretty trashy way to spend your night.

I have to agree that it is absolutely a trashy way to spend your night and I never really see any reason at all that anyone should ever go to a strip club. Honestly it all seems a bit desperate to me. But I don't care if it's a bachelor party or not... if Mike ever goes in to a strip club and I find out he won't be finding me at home when he arrives at the end of the night.

No wonder so many people are getting divorced these days. Or not wanting to get married at all. They think flirting and fun end when you stand at the alter and say I DO. Thankfully I found a man who would never agree with the "advice" in this article. Hopefully other men thought it was just as stupid as I do.

Rant over.

Friday, October 30, 2009


I have a love/hate relationship with facebook.

I love it because it allows to me to find old friends that I probably would never have found. I love catching up with them, see pictures of their family and growing friendships. I love the convenience it offers for keeping in touch.

I hate that I feel soooo connected. Overconnected. I hate that there are people that want to add me as a friend that don't really care about me at all... they just knew me for a short time YEARS ago. If you are going to add me then please at least say hello at some point. I'm always deleting people from my friends list.

I don't need to keep in touch with tons of people that when it comes down to it really wouldn't want to meet up with me for lunch.

It just seems that facebook frustrates me more than it doesn't. The problem is that if you don't use something like facebook you don't get to talk to ANYONE. People forget how to use regular email or the phone. I'm half guilty of this myself.

Anyways... I think I am going to take a break from facebook. I don't NEED it in my life. It's just making my life feel crowded right now.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Senior pictures??

Last weekend I got a call from Sarah. She wants to participate in the Miss Butler County Pageant and needed a picture. She goes to high school with Mike's youngest sister and that is how she heard about me. I was excited when she called because I hadn't yet had a chance to do a photo shoot like this.

Sarah is in 11th grade so she doesn't need senior pictures yet. But I told her I would do her a favor and get her the shots that she needed if she would do me a favor and "play senior photo shoot" with me. :) She was all for it and I had a great time.

It didn't hurt that Sarah is absolutely BEAUTIFUL AND super nice and sweet!

I hope she does well in the pageant!!

Marriage Contracts

Yesterday I was in the car and listening to the radio. The guy was talking about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes... supposedly they have a marriage contract and it was only good for three years. Now they need to rewrite the contract and come to new terms. Radio guy said Katie wants a crazy amount of money to support Scientology every year and an even crazier amount for clothes.

The idea of a marriage contract is completely insane but for fun Radio Guy decided to ask people to call in and tell him what they would want in a marriage contract. Here is how one conversation went...

RADIO GUY: If you had a marriage contract what is one line you would have to have in it?

GIRL CALLER: Sex three times a week.

RADIO GUY: If you want sex three times a week what are you doing getting married? That's like a death sentence to your sex life.

GIRL CALLER: That's probably true. I AM getting married in a year.

RADIO GUY: Well that will be the end of your sex life.

GIRL CALLER: You're probably right.

Are you serious?
Is that what people really think happens in marriage????

I was kind of shocked at the conversation. I know I am going to sound old school here but what ever happened to teaching that marriage is the BEGINNING of your sex life? Do people really think you only get it before you get married and marriage ruins it all?

I'm confused???

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Someone thinks my blog is FABULOUS!

Nicolasa over at Low Expectations gave me this award...

I've been reading her blog for a while and if you are just looking around, reading some blogs you should stop by and check her out. I always enjoy finding people that are honest about life and aren't afraid to let people know that they don't always have it all together. I guess I just like meeting other humans. :) Nicolasa is human. :)

There are rules for this award...share 5 things that you are obsessed with and then pass the award along to 5 of the most fabulous blogs you read:

1. My booth at Panera Bread. Really... I'm obsessed about it. I go to Panera to chill out. I get a drink and some food and then I sit and read. For a few hours. I have this one booth in the back that I like to get as often as possible. When I don't get that booth things just feel off and I usually end up not being able to stay as long. It's wierd.

2. Pajamas. I used to always just toss on a pair of comfy shorts and a t-shirt for bed but lately I have decided that I want pajamas. Real pajamas. So I go to the stores and look for pajamas all the time. My current favorite are my flanel pants from Walmart.

3. My Canon Rebel xs and taking pictures. I sometimes refer to my camera as my third baby and call him Rebel. It's become an extension of my arms and I rarely go anywhere without it. I love learning little bits here and there about photography and then working with the new info until I get decent at it. I love having a gazillion pictures of my kids. I just love photography. It makes me happy.

4. Blogging. As if you haven't already figured that out. I have been blogging for probably close to five years now. I think I gave it a try one day because I was bored and I just never stopped. I never figured that others would regularly read what I write and come back day after day to check out my blog. That was a pleasant surprise. But I still laugh about it and wonder what it is that keeps people coming back haha. And I always feel a bit akward when I am out with friends or family and someone mentions something about my blog... especially if I didn't know they read it haha. I think I feel akward about it because I realize that they know sooo much about me.

5. Reading. I always read. I love books. I love reading for fun and I love reading to learn. Information is good! And reading for fun is a great escape.

Now for five fabulous blogs...
1. Little Mrs. Married... I met Melissa online a few years ago and we have become great friends and will someday meet for real. :)
2. My Journey in Motherhood... I found Tiffany in the blog world recently through a blog hop. She's got some good looking recipes you might want to check out.
3. Life is change. Growth is optional... I just like the name of the blog! Well... I like the blog... and the blogger as well. Sarah is another recent blogger friend!
4. Raineality... Rainey is another new friend... and I actually knew her in real life before blog life. :)
5. My Perspective... Kim is another "real life" friend. I met her at aerobics. We started talking one day and kind of never stopped. And the more we talk the more we find we have in common.

Stop by my friend's blogs and check them out. :) And if any of you have some favorite blogs you like to read I would love to have a link so I can check it out.

Just some randomness...

Just so you know... if you decide to follow really close behind me while driving I will probably slow down to about 1 MPH UNDER the speed limit just to mess with you.


This morning...

JASON: Where Daddy go?
LIZA: He's workin honey.


The other day I had this conversation with Liza...

ME: Ariel is coming after dinner.
LIZA: Supper.
ME: Who calls dinner supper?
LIZA: Mrama Ann. (Grandma)

She has a crazy memory.


I thought Mike was going to have a rain day today. The phone rang and he came back to bed... only to tell me they are just having a two hour delay because the rain should pass by then. I hate when that happens. It messes with me. I am having a day where I don't feel like being very nice. I hope I don't run in to any of the "the enemies" because I don't know if I will be able to hold myself back today.


Last night, about twenty minutes before dinner would be ready, I was hungry. So I sat in my bedroom eating potato chips because I didn't want to have to give any to the kids. Didn't want to spoil their appetite for dinner. I didn't care about mine.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Photography tips... SUN FLARE!!

When I first mentioned that I was going to start sharing some photography tips that I have found helpful Linds over at A Dollop of My Life asked me if I would explain a little bit more about sun flare. I'm no pro with this but I can show you some examples and direct you to the blog where I first learned about it. :)

Here are two very different examples that I have of how you can use sun flare:

For more inspiration check THIS BLOG.

You can also go to and type "sun flare" in the search and you will get tons of pictures to browse through.

Now that you have some examples of sun flare I am sure you are just dying to know how to capture it. :) I read about it at Short on Words. This is a GREAT blog with lots of photography and tips... and beautiful images to look at all the time. This is the post about sun flare.

And since you are going to be outside playing with the sun you should also check out this entry on silhouettes and this sequel to it at Short on Words.

Hope this helps. If you give sun flare a try I would LOVE to see what get!!

Family Fun

The Blog Hop theme for this coming Monday is "FAMILY FUN". Give the blog hoppers your idea(s) for something fun they can do as a family. Autumn is in the air... let's put up a bunch of great ideas for families to have a great time together. Try to make it something that is not dependent on location (like visiting Disney) or overly expensive (free is GREAT)!

My kids are only 3 and 1 1/2 and we live in a town where there isn't a whole to do... especially during the winter.

Once in a while to make it a "special night out" we go through the drive-thru at Wendy's and grab some cheap burgers and fries and then head to the mall. (We have to stop at Wendy's because the food court at our little mall doesn't have much.) We sit at the food court and eat and then head to the play area. The kids always have a blast, we get to enjoy time as a family and it only costs us about $10.

Another thing we do is about once a month we order pizza for dinner. We eat it in the living room while watching a new kid's movie that is out. It's a relaxing "night off" for mommy and daddy and the kids love "have a picnic" in the living room and watching a movie.

Those are my cheap family fun ideas. Not too exciting haha.

MckLinky Blog Hop

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Invisible Woman

Do you feel like the work you do every day doesn't really matter? Are you constantly discouraged and feeling under appreciated? Are you unsure why you do the things you do day in and day out? Does it all feel pointless???

Then YOU need to watch this video! Actually everyone should take the time to watch it. It's just under six minutes long. Surely you have that much time. I mean... your just browsing around the internet reading blogs right now anyways. So just hit play and be encouraged!

This video is the most encouraging thing I have seen in a LONG TIME!

Two little monkies jumping on the bed

The other night... after bath time... after the little photo shoot with the towels... the kids enjoyed jumping on the bed. It really was a fun evening and the kids were laughing sooo much. I need to get video of it something because it's just awesome.

My kids are rowdy and rough and they make for some good entertainment.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

All wrapped up.

My friend gave me these great towels for the kids. They are big and thick and have hoods! A purple one for Liza and a blue one for Jason. I thought it would be really cute to get them both all wrapped up and take some pictures so we gave that a try the other night after bath time. Unfortunately Jason was being Jason and wouldn't sit still and cooperate. We tried bribing him with raisins but he ate them so fast. Most of the pictures I got with him he is either chewing a raisin, putting one in his mouth or reaching out for the next one.

Liza however was being AWESOME! She just hung out letting me take pictures. She was doing whatever I asked her to do and being silly and cute and serious. I couldn't believe it! It was like a dream come true and I was able to get what I think are some GREAT pictures of her!!

My little Liza looks soooo grown up in this picture. She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I keep looking at this picture thinking "I can't believe that is MY daughter!!!!!"

Girls' Night Out!

Friday night was girls' night out! And did I ever need it! I think I enjoy girls' nights out so much because I get to just be... well... I get to just BE. It's fun to be able to relax and let go of all the responsibilities and worries of life for a while and just have fun... and compete a little... and talk smack.

There was supposed to be eight of us... but if you have known me for very long you know that there always tends to be a ton of last minute cancels. Oh well. Those of us that did show up had a great time!!

We had dinner at Ci-ci's Pizza Buffet because it is cheap and I know if it gets to be too expensive of a night out that a lot of people wouldn't want to go.

I was a bit intimidated when Rainey showed up with her own bowling ball and shoes! Who does that, right? I don't bowl very often and I pretty much suck. All though the last few times I have gone I have always broke 100 haha. That's my goal. Pretty lame!

Anyways... Rainey's shoes weren't nearly as cool as the rest of ours. I was personally a little bit Jealous of Jenna's rental pair. I think I would have played a little bit better if my feet were on fire!

I managed to pull off a bunch of spares and a couple of strikes during the night. That always gets me pretty excited because really... Im not that good and I am sure it kind of happens by accident.

Just a little victory dance.




I was pretty excited about winning the first game with a score of 116. Definitely a score for me to be proud of!

Rainey kind of squashed us all with 156 in the second game. Maybe I need to buy my own bowling ball and shoes.

I had a lot of fun. I actually ended up staying out until 11:30... which hasn't happened... actually who knows when the last time was that that happened. Rainey doesn't have kids so I headed back to her place and we just hung out for a while. It was nice because since she doesn't have kids it was REALLY easy to not end up talking about kids and parenting stuff all night. That doesn't happen very often and it was kind of refreshing.

Hooray for good friends, ugly shoes, cheap pizza and a night out with the girls!

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