Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bedtime Bible Stories

Every night in our house is pretty much the same. We get the kids ready for bed, brush their teeth and then sit down for a Bible story, a prayer and some songs. The kids really seem to love this and they don't let us put them to bed without it.

One night after we were out late I got Jason ready for his bed and then took him to his crib. He wasn't having it. He started yelling "Biiiiblleeee!" Liza will do the same.

Liza is really starting to learn her stories. She will request specific ones. Sometimes she will ask for the one she learned in school that day, or one she learned at church. And sometimes she asks for one that she has seen on VeggieTales. David and Goliath is a current favorite and Liza is convinced that Goliath is not only a giant but a giant PICKLE! Thank you VeggieTales.

The kids love this time and so do Mike and I. It's really nice to end the night with a sweet moment.

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