Friday, November 27, 2009

A boring post about nothing.

This morning we woke up and headed out to visit with my parents. They live a little over two hours away so we always make it a trip and stay a few days.

I love coming to visit with my parents for a couple of reasons...
1. I enjoy visiting with them. Duh.
2. I kind of get some breaks. :) For example... when the kids nap Mike and I can run out and do something since someone is at the house with the kids.

Today we decided to go out to Walmart. I'm not a black Friday shopper but we are in a town where the only place to shop is Walmart so I figured it wouldn't be bad at 1:30 in the afternoon since most people would be done by then and anyone who was serious about black Friday shopping would have left town to find more stores.

The trip to Walmart was worth it. We are getting Jason a little basketball hoop for Christmas but all the stores in our area were out of them and Toys R Us didn't even have any in stock. The Walmart here had one. That means I am almost completely done with my Christmas shopping. We still have to find something for Mike's dad and that is pretty much an impossible task.

I also picked up a cheap digital camera. I know... I have my wonderful Canon Rebel xs and I absolutely love it. However, sometimes I just want a camera I can toss in my purse. That's the kind of camera I bought today. I got a Kodak Easyshare (I think that's the one I got!) for $69. I figured that was a good price for a camera I will never love... because let's face it... I will always love my Rebel.

This evening we will be visiting with some extended family. We were invited over for dessert. I'll be showing up with my fruit. :)

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