Monday, November 23, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday... Thanksgiving

This Friend Makin' Monday is all about Thanksgiving. (Check it out at {aefilkins})

1. Turkey or Ham?

What?? People actually make ham instead of turkey on Thanksgiving???

2. Favorite side dish.
Stuffing. Honestly I could just eat an entire plate of stuffing. Mmmm.

3. Favorite dessert.
At Thanksgiving... pumpkin pie loaded with whipped cream but I won't be having any this year since I am not eating sugar. Bring on the fruit!

4. Black Friday: Are you going or not?
No way!

5. If so, what's on the top of your list?
There is nothing... except maybe that camera lens I want... that would convince me to get up that early to fight crowds of people and shop.

6. Going out of town or staying close to home?
We will have Thanksgiving in town here with the in-laws and then the day after we are heading out to visit with my family for the weekend. Yay!

7. Hosting or helping?
Why host when you can help!?

8. Name one family tradition at Thanksgiving.
I don't know that we really have one. Hmm. Might have to think on that this year.

9. What do you do after dinner?
Sit around feeling really full! We end up just hanging out and letting the kids entertain us. I think we used to play games but since the kids are so little it's kind of tough right now. Maybe we can do that again in a few years.

10. What are you most thankful for this year?
That my husband has a job and we have not yet been effected by the economy in any way. For my fun, healthy, loving family. All the new friends that I have made and all the old ones that I have reconnected with.

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