Friday, November 20, 2009

I would love to start this day over.

This has been the most frustrating morning. Ugh.

I woke up tired. Will I ever wake up not tired again!?!?

Mike has been volunteering at our church with the maintenance guy. It's a good thing. However he didn't know until 9:00 this morning if the guy would need his help today or not. I leave for the gym at 9:10. That meant that we both had to get ready as if we were both leaving and the kids would be coming to the gym with me.

No problem. Although I do have to admit that I am not used to getting ready with Mike at home. He's usually gone when we wake up. It kind of threw me off and it felt like he was always in the way.

Mike ends up going to work. I end up going to the gym with the kids.

When I get to the stop sign by the gym I see these people walking with this long line of kids and they don't have coats on. Worse! They are in their little tutus and gymnastics/dance outfits and therefore have no pants on either! It's 45 degrees. I'm thinking there is going to be a lot of irate parents if they ever find out.

I pull in the parking lot. Park the van. Get the kids out. I'm on my way to the door when I realize that EVERYONE is coming outside and just standing around. Huh?

A guy says to me "You might as well go home. You aren't going to get in for a while. The fire alarm went off and no one knows why." You're kidding right? More kids are coming out... these ones are wet, in their swimsuits, with towels wrapped around them. People are taking their coats off and wrapping the kids up. Finally someone in charge ran across the road to see if the kids could go sit in the school. Thankfully that one worked out. There were people without any shoes on! Freezing!

A minute later the fire trucks come flying up the road, lights on, sirens blaring. I let the kids look for a while and decided it was time to head back home.

Liza didn't get it. She wanted to play at the gym. Thankfully a movie makes her forget about it all!

I guess the morning wasn't a complete bust since the kids did get to see the firetrucks. I just wish I could get excited about that. I really needed the workout (and an hour without the kids) this morning. I guess I am just thankful for the timing. Had the alarm waited a few more minutes to go off my kids would have been the kids outside without coats on this cold day and my car keys would have been stuck in a locker and we wouldn't have been able to come home.

I'm still sitting here wondering though what actually set the alarm off. And I would love to go back to bed and start this day over again.

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