Saturday, November 28, 2009

Long drive

It's a good two hour drive to get from home to my parent's house. I used to drive it during the kid's nap time but then they stopped sleeping easily if they were in the car and they would just stay up and that would make for a long day. So now we get up and leave in the morning and get to my parents for lunch.

The kids do pretty well during the drive. About an hour and a half in to it Jason usually gets bored and tired. This time he cried and kept saying "hug! huuuugg!!" I felt so horrible. Stupid car seats and long drives!

I let the kids each take a stuffed animal and their favorite car and that is what they played with during the ride. Liza took her little bear and the Larry-mobile.

Jason took Elmo and his new favorite car.

The kids do this thing every time we are in the car. Jason says "We're here!" (It sounds more like "eee heee!" in a high pitched voice.) Liza always answers "not yet Jason." They do this over and over and over. Mike and I tried to guess the number of times they would do this during the drive. I guessed 42... it was somewhere in the high 30s. It can get annoying but it wasn't so bad since we turned it in to a game. I was actually surprised that the number was as low as it was!

We had a beautiful day for our drive... that always makes it better. :)

We are enjoying our enjoying our visit! We always do. And about those reasons I mentioned for always having a good time when I come here... mom and dad are watching the kids today while Mike and I go out for a few hours!!! My parents rock!

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