Friday, November 20, 2009

Make new friends but keep the old!

Emily and I worked at the same summer camp a few years back and we also went to the same college. Over the years though we had lost touch. Recently we reconnected on Facebook and found we only live an hour away from each other. So... we decided to meet in the middle, play photographers for a while since it is something we are both interested in, and then we had some dinner at Pizza Hut.

And let me just tell you... Emily is so thoughtful! She had never met my kids but she gave me these cute little stuffed snowmen. One for each of them. The kids LOVE them! They both sleep with their snowman every night now. It's cute! She also gave me an ornament for my first Christmas Tree! It's a pickle and it's not just any ornament... Here is the deal with the pickle...

"The pickle, as the story goes, was the last ornament to be hung on the tree, hidden there on Christmas Eve by parents and grandparents. On Christmas morning, the children would search for the pickle and the child that found it would receive an extra special treat for being the most observant."

How cool is that!? I can definitely see this developing in to a fun tradition as the kids get older!!

Anyways... the day we met was really cold so we didn't stay outside for too long. But we had fun walking around a little park taking pictures. I didn't get anything amazing but I think all of these pictures look a little bit like fall and a little bit cold... which is a perfect representation of the day.

Thanks for meeting up with me Emily! I had lots of fun and the kids love you now even though they don't know you!

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