Saturday, November 21, 2009

Silly boy!

We recently gave Jason a pillow to sleep with at night. (I had to get rid of one of mine because it was too flat and I thought it would be perfect for him.) He likes pillows. He can say pillow and he uses the ones on the chairs in the living room from time to time.

But Jason is a bit strange. I tuck him in at night... well kind of. He just sits there in his bed. So I just turn the light off and close the door and he eventually falls asleep.

It's super cute... ever since we gave him the pillow... when we go to cover him up before we go to bed we find him just like this...

Pillow on one side with all his stuffed animals. Blankets at the other end of the bed. Jason somewhere in the middle.

He's a silly boy.

This morning when I went to get him out of bed he pointed to his pillow, got a serious look on his face and asked "mine?" Yes Jason. It IS yours. You can put your head on it any time you want!

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