Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wifey Wednesday and Christmas

Today Sheila brought up the topic of Christmas and gifts and she wants to know "What do you do with your spouse for Christmas?"

Mike and I never really give gifts for Christmas and birthdays and anniversaries. If we had tons of money it would be fun to go shopping for gifts because then I could get Mike that big flat screen tv or tickets for good seats at a Steelers game. But we DON'T have the money for extravagant gifts right now and it's too stressful to try to find something small that isn't cheap that will be liked. So we skip the gifts.

It's a mutual decision.

Instead we do something together. One year we went and picked out a few new cd's because we needed some new music. Sometimes we get a babysitter and go out to a nice restaurant. Sometimes we just plan a special day for the other person. I find it is more fun to do this than to stress about finding a great gift.

I do have to admit though that sometimes I really do just like to give Mike gifts. My love language is gifts so therefore I love to give and recieve them. I find though that it's more fun to give things like a hand made coupon book or a day where Mike can relax and do nothing while I take care of the kids, the meals and the house. Things like that are fun to give and they cost nothing.

Another confession... I LOVE when Mike gives me gifts... so if we agree that we are not doing gifts for Christmas and he decides to get me something anyways I will never complain! I will say thank you and then shower him with hugs and kisses and brag about my awesome husband to all my family and friends. I think that is a gift in itself. :)

Someday when we have more money I am sure that we will do more gifts. It's fun when it's not a burden. We enjoy it. But it doesn't make me sad that I won't be opening a box on Christmas morning to find the $700 lens I want for my camera. Instead I will enjoy my family and the joy that comes from being together. The lens I currently have will capture the moments just fine!

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