Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Liza and Rayna played together so well while we were all home for Christmas. They laughed and made music and were just girls. It was cute. I enjoyed them.

They gave good hugs and it was super cute. Right before it was time for us to get our coats on to leave I decided that I needed a picture of their hugs. So cute!

Then I realized that I didn't really have any pics of my kids in front of a Christmas tree so since Mom's is bigger than mine I decided to try for some of those real quick. I told Liza and Rayna to put their arms around each other. How grown up do they look!?

Seriously. I loved these girls together. It's just too bad that we live in PA and my sister and her family live in FL.

I wish we lived closer.

When we were leaving I told Rayna that she could call Liza on the phone and talk to her when she missed her. Rayna said "Ok. But I don't always know what she says." I reassured her that it would be ok and I would help her understand.

The first few phone calls are going to be interesting!

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