Monday, December 28, 2009

The deal is over.

Remember the no sugar deal I had with my sister? We started it in June. We agreed to go until January 2nd. The idea of that was to help us get through the holidays. It's always easier to say no to temptation when you have a little challenge, competition and accountability.


We were all hoe for Christmas and let me just tell you about my mom's house. You never get hungry at mom's house. There is soooo much food! So many desserts and snacks and sweets. All those sweets always sitting on the counter in the kitchen. Visible. Wanting someone to eat them.

It's hard.

It was easier when I had Lisa saying no too. Yeah... I said HAD. She gave in. On Christmas morning she saw the sweet rolls and decided she was done. She handed me five bucks and had herself some sugar.

I was all on my own.

But I'm still doing it! I'm not eating the sugar. It's not easy. (I'm still at my mom's and there is still so much!) But it's worth it. I just keep reminding myself that I'm in a size six now.

I remembered that my mom has a scale that reads correctly so I got on it today. It says that I am up a pound and a half BUT that was in the middle of the afternoon. I usually weight myself in the morning. SO... I probably haven't really gained any.

Not too shabby!!!

And I have to say that is pretty excellent considering I usually gain about five pounds while at my mom's house during a holiday.


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