Thursday, December 31, 2009

Do you resolve?

I've never been one to make New Year's Resolutions. I just don't. Probably because when I decide something needs to change I immediately start working on that change. If I want to lose weight I start working on it. If I want to do better at cleaning my house I start working on it. If I want to eat better I start now. I don't wait until January 1. But for a lot of people I realize that this is a great time to start making those changes and set new goals. I see nothing wrong with it... it's just not something I personally wait for.

However... this year it may appear that I am making resolutions... but only because the time of change started in December and January 1 is a great time for me to start a few things I want to start.

For a while now I have been trying to get it together and have real time with God. Not these prayers I say as I am falling asleep. I want to sit down and read my Bible and learn. I've been saying that this change needs to happen for a looong time and I start and I get a little ways and then life happens and I quit and need to start again.

I've done the Bible in a Year before and have been debating whether or not to do it again this year. I've decided to start and do it with The Message paraphrase. I am going to do it in chronological order this time. I'm not going to drive myself crazy about it making sure I am always keeping up. If I miss a day I miss a day. If it takes me a year and a half then it takes me a year and a half. I just want a plan.

For a reading plan go HERE.

I also bought the Love Dare Devotional. It looks like a good one. Things with Mike and I are really good right now and I figure why not make things even better! It's the same thing as the Bible in a year... if I miss a day then I miss a day. Not going to drive myself nuts over it.

I've been reading a book called Today Matters by John Maxwell. I'm loving it. Basically it talks about how if we want to be successful then what we do today matters. The decisions we make today will determine what our future will be like.

I read some things in this book yesterday and I thought they were very fitting for this time of year with everyone making decisions about things they want to work on and change in their lives.

Maxwell says, "Nobody says that good decisions are simple, but they are necessary for success." He says that we need to make a decision ONE TIME and then just maintain it for the rest of our lives. An example would be how I decided not to eat sugar. I wouldn't have sweets and candy and hot chocolate. Things that fall in that category. I made the decision once and have only had to maintain it since. I don't have to decide at every party whether or not to have dessert... I made that decision months ago. Now all I have to do is say no. Is it easy? Absolutely not! Is it worth it? Yes!

You don't make decisions because they're EASY;
You don't make decisions because they're CHEAP;
You don't make decisions because they're POPULAR;
You make decisions because they're RIGHT.
(Theodore Hesburgh)

Every day is full of decisions and what we decide today will affect our tomorrow. Maxwell says that "The bookends of success are starting and finishing. Decisions help us start. Discipline helps us finish."

I encourage all of you make your decisions RIGHT even when they aren't EASY. Start well. Develop the discipline. Stick it out. Maintain those decisions. And finish well!

Good luck to you with the new changes you will be making in 2010!

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