Tuesday, December 29, 2009

From now on...

...there will be a fee for my pictures.

Let me explain.

I'm not talking about photo shoots that I do for people. Those are still free. No charge. (Sometimes people pay me but I don't require it. My friend just sent me a gift card for a full body massage as a thanks for taking her family pictures! Awesome! I won't turn something like that down!) Ok. Photo shoots. Free.

I'm talking about the other every day pictures that I take. You have no idea how many times I have heard family or friends say things like:

"I'm just going to leave my camera at home because Laura will have hers."

"Hey Laura, can I get all your pictures?"

"I'll just get pictures from Laura."

"Can you put those on a disc for me?"

Or right after I take a picture... "You HAVE TO send me a copy of that!"

I understand that not everyone enjoys taking pictures like I do. That's ok. But PLEASE do not leave your camera at home just because I will have mine. Please bring yours too if you want some pictures.

Here is the problem. I'm putting together a photobook online of my family's Christmas. Everyone decided they want one. That's fine. I was making one for myself anyways. BUT... as I'm sorting through photos (including ones that weren't from my camera) I realized that there aren't any photos of me! (Apart from the family photo shoot.) Ok... I exaggerate a little... there is one of me in the snow with the kids that my sister took on my camera and Mike snapped a few of me that weren't very good and they are from an angle where you can't really see my face. Oh... and I'm randomly in the background of a few.

So we have this nice family time together with tons of pictures and it's almost like I wasn't there. :( But everyone wants my pictures. (Which I don't mind giving them to them but it takes time.)

This made me decide that from now on I am having a fee... You want my pictures then you must take and get to me three pictures that I am in. It can't be that I just randomly happened to be in the photo behind the kid you were taking a photo of. You must purposely make sure to get three pictures of me. They don't have to be amazing. I can edit. Or I will just appreciate having a picture of me! I don't care if the light or composition is all wrong. I JUST WANT TO HAVE EVIDENCE THAT I WAS THERE TOO!

So there you have it friends and family. Don't expect free pictures anymore. :) Get your cameras out and use them. :)

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