Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Get out of bed sleepyhead!

Jason took a really long nap today and after three hours and fifteen minutes I decided to wake him up so that he would sleep tonight. I went in to get him and found that he was just too cute to wake him up before taking a few pictures.

Taking pictures woke him up.

Sleepy face. :)

Funny face.

Liza then came in his room and started asking him questions...
"Do you remember me Jason? I'm Liza. I your sister. You remember me??"

To which Jason answered "no" and Liza said "Yes you dooo!"

I asked Jason if he was ready to get out of bed and he replied "NNNOO!" He gets a mean and nasty look on his face when he really means it.

He played in his bed a while longer and he fussed a bit about who knows what.

Look at his mouth... he looks like a piranha.

But then he was his happy little self standing up and rocking the crib.

I love him!

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